SMTCS has CBSE based developmental and age appropriate curriculum that emphasizes exploration and supports the transition from the sensory motor world of the children to the self-directed & social world.

The teaching style has been tailored to interact with students in an explorative and fun manner so that learning becomes enjoyable & thrilling. Different types of activities are planned in order to encourage growth in social, logical, music or arts, literary and cognitive skills that help our students in becoming a confident and independent individual.

All the activities performed in these sections are age-appropriate and caters to the different needs, capabilities and learning curves of various children. Simultaneously, the flexible but mixed infrastructure allows easy mixing between the peer groups.

We also keep an eye on individual personalities and requirements of every child. Simultaneously, put in all efforts to give them a chance to grow and explore their capabilities through different combined activities such as art, dance, music and swimming.

Even teachers are also deeply involved with the students not only during learning, but also in the playground and dining-hall. Our school also organizes entertaining & educational nature walks and field trips on a regular basis.
We have installed CCTV cameras to monitor each and every activity.