St. Mother Teresa City School (SMTCS) has a well-stocked library with the vast collection of reference books & informative materials for reading and research work. This extensive collection of books will match with the varied interests of every student and also help in developing the school curriculum continuously.  Our main aim is to develop and stimulate good reading habits in every child. SMTCS believes that "Readers are Leaders".

The school's library was designed in accordance with the unique specifications supported by models of historical manuscripts, educational research, scientific and internal auxiliary facilities. This library is continuously updated on international standards based upon the need of our students and staff. Simultaneously, our school is keen to help students consistently for enriching and diagnostic examinations in different curricula. We have also proposed an English Linguistic Lab to upgrade & enhance the proficiency in the English language among employees and students.

The school library is a center of learning and plays a key role in encouraging problem solving, curiosity and innovation. Our library is a catalyst for reading, literacy and making a difference in student's achievement and understanding. It will further define the major need that is actually seen among students as well as teachers. It is highly relative to find engagement with all kinds of lively discussion, deep thinking, knowledge building, access to information, cultural activities and reading. The library plays an important part in the delivery of the curricular programme. It also gives supporting material for enhanced learning in the classrooms and assists in teaching skills as well to make them informed and literate.