The school will be upgrading every year till STD 12th. It is proposed to be affiliated to CBSE (New-Delhi) and hence strictly follows CCE pattern of teaching right from the very beginning. The new teaching methodology has been adopted to enhance learners in the modern world. Intellectuals have always been talking about heavy bags or a bag-less concept. For the first time in Jaipur we are trying to turn the myth into a realistic state. Total a�?NO-BAGa�? will be applicable to the children from L.K.G (Lower kinder garden) to level IV. The idea behind this programme is to benefit those children whose parents are not able to pay attention towards their children due to being over-busy. Therefore, they will be free from sending the children for tuition and moreover, neither the kid nor the parents will find it overburdened.


SMTCS Jaipur is committed to provide quality education to all its students, to cater to the needs of modern times & ensure development of the perfect global citizens. In the same series SMTCS Jaipur has brought about revolutionary change in its evaluation pattern to ensure continuous assessment of the students. This pattern will be applicable from classes’ I-VIII.

There will be no formal monthly tests for the students of these classes. However, there will be continuous evaluation of the progress of the child throughout the year by the class-teachers/subject teacher through the well designed checklist.

SMTCS, Jaipur believes in the holistic development of the child. To accomplish this target SMTCS Jaipur has introduced the system of regular assessment of the scholastic & co-scholastic domains of development of the child.
The term scholastic refers to those aspects which relate to the intellect. It includes assessment of the learners in curricular subjects, assignments, project work, practical & oral work, etc. This will be accomplished through four formative assessments which involve both the written test and observation of various parameters as suggested by CBSE in the form of artistically designed activities to analyze the entire personality of the child.
Also, two summative Assessments (SA1, SA2) will be conducted in term I and term II respectively. This includes pen-paper test according to a well drafted schedule.


English, Hindi, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental, Science, G.K., Art., Music & Sanskrit (only class V).


The term co-scholastic refers to those aspects which are related to hand & heart. These include psychomotor skills, physical development, life-skills, attitude & values, interest, & participation in co-curricular activities. The assessment of the above mentioned parameters will be on the basis of well-defined descriptive indicators/three-point scale.


Class I-V (Students will be graded on the basis of 9-point grading system.

Marks Range        Grade Grade Points
91-100  A1 10.0
81-90 A2 9.0
71-80 B1 8.0
61-70 B2 7.0
51-60 C1 6.0
41-50 C2 5.0
D 4.0
21-32 E1  
0-20 E2  


  1. The syllabus once assessed will not be tested again.
  2. CBSE has compulsorily intruded Environmental education in schools from classes’ I-V. The student will be evaluated by the school, in the subject & the achievement will be reflected in the form of grades.
  3. Policy regarding Absentees during the Examination.
    • All the tests are compulsory. If a child is absent for a test, the school has no provision for Re-test. In such cases 60% marks of the previous Periodicals Assessment will be considered.
    • In case the child has missed the test due to some severe Medical problem (Medical Certificate required.) Re-Test will be conducted.
    • In case the child has missed the test due to his/her representation of the school for any SMTCS society organized event/CBSE event or due to some unforeseen mishap – retest will be taken.
  1. No student shall be eligible to take the test unless he has completed 75% attendance counted from the opening of the school till the commencement of the examination.
  1. Policy regarding students using unfair means during the examination -Student found using unfair means, during any assessment will be awarded zero in that subject. No retest will be held for such student. The student will not be eligible for any award in that session.

Criteria for Promotion to the next class:
Promotion is granted on the basis of whole yeara��s performance of the pupil; hence the child must ensure regular attendance & must appear in all the assessments/tests.

In classes III-V a child must secure minimum D grade in each subject to ensure promotion to the next class. It is compulsory to get passing grades in EVS, third language. Art & Craft, Music, Instrumental.