Dear Parents,

I welcome you to the “New Era of Schooling” at St. Mother Teresa City School, with a different concept. We are offering day boarding with a day care facility in a true sense. The school’s highly qualified and caring staff strives to help each student to develop, emotionally, socially, and physically in a positive, safe, and respectful environment. We believe this process, not only helps students to succeed, but enables teachers to improve as well. Our educational goal is to make learning so exciting that students will experience the joy of discovering new ideas and building new skills. The ultimate objective is to help them to develop a love of learning.

The students at SMTCS are encouraged and supported to achieve their highest potential — academically and personally, and to develop confidence and leadership skills. We pride ourselves on being a uniquely caring and nurturing environment, which enhances every student’s learning experience. Studying in SMTCS will be a lot of fun! We offer well-equipped classrooms and freshly prepared meals in hygienic conditions. We work hard, but we believe it is important to enjoy every aspect of school life, thus encouraging our students to be enthusiastic and developing a constant learning attitude.

We look forward for the successful year ahead.