Apart from classroom teaching, SMTCS has put emphasis on extensive range of extra-curricular activities. We encourage students to participate in performing arts (drama, classical dance), debating, elocution, quiz, field trips and nature walks.

Performing Arts

Drama – Dramatic activity has become a part and parcel of students’ lives that allows them to know their own identity by exploring different meaningful and fictional situations that have relevancy in the real world. A liberal sprinkling of talent, imaginative & intellectual daring and immense physical energy is the actual outcome that we accomplish when given avenues to display their hidden talent. With the help of structured play and drama, teachers will encourage students to learn interactively and actively the curriculum. Most children prefer to interact with others by following the instructions given to them. They are actually encouraged to move, speak and respond to others. Learners get multisensory and imaginative learning which is actually offered through drama. It will further help in developing different skills, such as negotiation, leadership, cooperation, self-confidence, empathy, communication, enquiry and creativity. All in all, drama activities are actually fun that makes learning both brilliant and pleasurable.

Drama is a right medium for cross-curricular learning and also helps students in developing literacy skills that supports extending vocabulary, listening & speaking, and encourages them to express and understand. Such activity also gives students the opportunities to discuss, explore and deal with difficult problems as well as express their emotions in a supportive environment. They also get a chance to explore their own cultural values for better understanding of the society. It also encourages them to think creatively and develop problem-solving & critical thinking skills for better application in different areas of learning. To conclude, drama encourages children to make choices and take responsibility roles for active participation in the learning process.

Classical dance (Western & Indian) – The synchronized dance moves, attitudes, warmth, dancing posture, grace, high pitch, rhythm, dancing steps, dance movements and energetic dance gestures are some of the vital aspects in learning the Indian folk regional dance forms. SMTCS regularly conducts dance periods to boost interest in “art” among our students apart from academics. We teach different types, styles and genres of dances that include western dancing genres, tribal dance forms, folk dances and Indian classical dance styles. Our teachers teach different techniques of the popular tribal and traditional Indian folk dance styles to the children. The solo dance styles and regional dance forms are also taught for celebration during different occasions and festivals.


a�?Speech and debate gives students a voice. It’s a wonderful feeling to see the students holding leadership roles at school. Regardless if they qualify for state or national tournaments, just seeing them excel and having self-confidence is amazing.”

 Debate forms an integral part of the different activities that give the students a creative room to express their feelings. The kind of knowledge imparted to them is simply exceptional. Our students put in great efforts to display their hidden talent. SMTCS believes that such types of events will assist in developing required skills of writing and public speaking along with confidence to face the audience without any difficulty. Additionally, such events will help in nurturing a competitive relationship amongst their peer group. We give different topics to speak on during the debate competition. Our students use their inquisitive ideas and explore facts about the given topics to be amongst the best speakers.  Our main aim behind this activity is to increase the power of arguments based on their findings and facts.


Elocution is an extraordinary skill of pronouncing the words correctly. This kind of competition is actually based on an innovative idea. Actually, this is an art wherein young minds grasp the spirit of the law and convey beautifully in their own words. A lot of conviction and rich vocabulary are needed during an elocution competition. This kind of competition at our school gives students an opportunity to overcome their biggest fear – stage fright.  It also allows the student to understand the concepts of voice modulation and connect with the audience. With the help of such competitions, our students have also gained a confident personality. Before the elocution, our faculties will ensure that proper research and justifications are carried out. All the important information will be gathered to weave the story and highlight the main points of the central theme. Even dressing appropriately before going to the stage is also considered as a vital point of evaluation. The topic for the competition selected is based on the school level and relevance of the educational stream.