St. Mother Teresa City School (SMTCS) follows a lateral-spatial approach to facilitate holistic development of the child. The core purpose of the school is to give a new dimension to learning and teaching style in India.  Our school prioritizes active engagement within the classroom by using different types of high-quality learning strategies for remarkable academic outcomes. We are committed to ensure that students achieve high standards of performance. We make sure learners acquire all the personal skills that contribute to their economic and social well being, including creativity, problem solving and confidence to work collaboratively & independently. We follow latest teaching paradigms that allow our students to apply their learning to everyday life.  Although we follow “NO BAG” concept, hence the entire learning will be done in the school itself. There will be no burden of homework till STD IV. From STD V, the conceptual theorem starts so the children need to carry books at home for self study.


Play way Teaching Techniques for Pre-Primary

Education is a process that facilitates learning & helps with the acquisition of habits, beliefs, values, skills and knowledge. It can be imparted through facts and concepts. Children learn as well as assimilate easily when they do things with their own hands. Based on this approach, SMTCS has devised an activity-oriented curriculum. The entire learning will be done in the school itself. Parents will not have any kind of burden to teach their wards at home. We focus on nurturing the little ones with the utmost care. Teaching will not be limited to the four walls of the classrooms, as students will also be exposed to the natural surroundings. Our mentors are very affectionate and kind-hearted towards the kiddos.  Your child will surely bloom under the guidance of his or her mentor.

The Pre-Primary mentoring includes…

  • 1. Experience a wide range of expressive media, for example, clay, watercolors, paints, cutting and pasting, collage and rhythm and movement with music and dance. 
  • 2. Explore an environment that encourages investigation, curiosity, imagination and experimentation. 
  • 3. Discover the wonder of the natural world through sand, water, gardening and natural materials. 
  • 4. Learn how to build relationships with other children through shared experiences and negotiated play. 
  • 5. Embark on a journey into self-discovery, wonder and creativity.

Audio Visual Teaching Methodology

Audio Visual teaching methodology is one of the effective mediums of teaching and learning oriented initiative of SMTCS. It gives rich-media presentations for teacher-led classrooms and tools as well as a complete content for interactive self-paced learning by students. Our school has also installed smart boards from nursery to 5th STD and simultaneously will be upgraded in the coming years. Again till STD 4th kids need not to carry bags to the school every day. In today's world, internet is a boon and has given a great opportunity to take education system - online. Use of internet in education and schools has now become a necessity. So, SMTCS knows that in this fast changing world, online education and e-learning has great significance.